Rejuvenating Body Spa is Vancouver's exclusive distributor of LALA Grant, Japan's Luxury functional Class "Body Correcting"  innerwear line.

The first step to obtaining a “beautiful body” starts with knowing your own body.

Knowing your body plays a very important role in maintaining your figure. As we age, although we may not put on the extra pounds, our body line (figure) changes. Have you noticed that the most obvious change lies in our mid section, namely our waistline?

For women, as we experience pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, our hormones going off balance often changes our proportions.

Womens’ Change in Figure (Proportion) 

When women reach the age of 40, they often notice weight gain in their midsection (protruding tummy), back fat, sagging breasts and hips. Being aware of the changes to your figure is important in order to know where and how to correct it. It’s a good idea to look in the mirror every daily and take note of your body.

So please don’t resign to the fact of “there’s nothing I can do since this is the natural process of aging”. Don’t give up!

The right innerwear will aid in maintaining your body line, create beautiful proportions, and tuck away body fat in the right places.

In addition, maintaining a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise will prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight, giving you confidence from the inside out. You will naturally exude a youthful glow and appear younger.

A message from Yukari owner of Rejuvenating Body Spa

“I’m looking for something that will boost my confidence”,  “I want to maintain an attractive figure” , “I want to enjoy picking out my clothes every day” , “I want to prevent over eating” – I believe correction innerwear is the answer for women in fulfilling these wishes. I personally did not have an interest in correction innerwear but being wary of my figure, I had neglected myself of the joy in wearing my favourite clothing. I was always mindful of picking out clothing that did not accentuate my body line. But in reality, we should all have a chance to enjoy fashion.

For the past month (from around the time we’ve been placed in quarantine) I’ve been using Grant E One’s  body correcting innerwear (they’re made in Japan). I’m happy to report that my body line has changed. I’m thrilled that I can now enjoy wearing clothes such as my one piece dress which I always shied away from in the past, worrying about my figure. I’ve also received compliments from my family and friends who’ve commented that I’ve become prettier. But the most important experience for me is that I now  have a positive attitude towards my body and I have gotten rid of the negative images I used to harbour. I’ve become much more happier as a result.

I believe the compliments I received are a reflection of my new found confidence that is shining through in how I now carry myself. Of course, results and experience will vary from per to person. However, I believe that with the help of correction innerwear, I have found a sense of new found confidence which has lead to a positive sense of energy. So in the end, by trying correction innerwear which I had not interest in, I had nothing but positive results! (I’m also mindful of doing regular light exercise!)

If you’ve committed to purchasing correction innerwear, why not invest in a high quality Japanese made product which will last you a lifetime. A product that can be customized and adjusted to changes in your proportion. Wouldn’t you be interested in a product like that? (Especially since correction innerwear is not cheap!) Having become Grant E One’s official exclusive distributor, we at Rejuvenating Spa can say with confidence that their products are amazing. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and consultation you may have regarding correction innerwear.

As a beauty professional and a first hand user of body correcting innerwear, I would be honoured to assist you in your journey of beauty.

The following are three main types of innerwear.

  1. Underwear (heat retention, sweat absorption)
  2. Lingerie (dressy and fashionable)
  3. Foundation (building framework)

The majority of innerwear on the market focuses on one of the three categories but Grant E One’s innerwear combines all three. Their innerwear is not only fashionable, it cares for women who get cold easily while maintaining a beautiful body line.

Key Features

  • Many women report improved changes in their figure after wearing body correcting innerwear.
  • Asides from bodysuits, we offer an extensive lineup of comfortable products that support your body.
  • Grant E One’s not only offers sizing down tailoring but will assist with after care customization. This is an appeal point which is hard to come by with North American retailers.
  • Using materials that make full use of Japan’s most advanced fibre technology.

Grant E One’s innerwear is made from materials and ceramics that make full use of Japan’s most advanced fibre technology. That alone, is an advantage to the competitors. You can feel the Japanese commitment to quality products. Now that you have equipped yourself with the knowledge of body correcting innerwear, contact us at Rejuvenating Body Spa for a consultation In addition, it’s easy to pick out your every day clothing off a rack to match your body but when it comes to correction innerwear, it’s important to consult a professional. The proper fit makes all the difference. (Especially since they’re not cheap!)

When you consult with Rejuvenating Body Spa, they will select a beautiful bodysuit that fits the size of each individual person according to the body index. You can also purchase products which do not require measuring from the spa website. So please be sure to check this as well!

Please try the body correcting innerwear from Grant E One’s, which has been recognized by the beauty professionals at Rejuvenating Body Spa. They strive to support each and every customer to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

Please contact Rejuvenating Body Spa for any inquiries