Massage in North Vancouver

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Rejuvenating Body Massage

This treatment is intended to be our full experience massage, incorporating a number of our treatments.

From head to toe we work in each area of your body, mind, and soul to relieve the aches and tension from your daily stress. This massage leaves your body totally relaxed and rejuvenated and we will ensure to make this a unique and personalized experience.

30 mins $50 | 45 mins $75 | 60 mins $85 | 90 mins $115

Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins $85

Japanese Style Hot Stone Massage

For our Japanese hot stone massage we will place smooth heated stones on the pressure points of your body.

The heat from the stones helps immensely to loosen up muscles for a more relaxed better sleep, while improving the blood circulation and flow of energy.
Your body will thank you for trying one of our more popular treatments.

75 mins $120

Reflexology For The Feet

Reflexology is based on the principle that certain parts of our anatomy reflex(affects) the entire body.

This practice provides the ability to stimulate nerve function, induce a deep relaxing sleep, purge the body of toxins, and reduces depression.
Reflexology can help to restore balance and entice your body into healing itself. It is a highly sublime relaxation experience while rejuvenating and revitalizing your body.

30 mins $45

Head + Scalp Massage

We usually carry pain around our neck and shoulder areas due to stress from our daily lives. The result of this stress can lead to body fatigue, headaches, and back pain. Our head and scalp massage will release this tension giving you regained energy and focus to continue on with your daily activities.

30 mins $45


30 mins $50

60 mins $85

90 mins $115