Body Care Services in North Vancouver

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Body Scrub

The body scrub is like a facial for the body. This amazing experience starts with a full body exfoliation, soothing steam shower and finishes with an application of the lotion leaving your skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

60 mins $80

Detoxifying Treatment

Every day we are exposed to toxins in our environment, many of which are absorbed by our skin, as we breathe or when we eat. This treatment targets key areas to help eliminate toxins from your system, leaving you feeling and looking healthier. We start with a body scrub, treat you with the detox product and wrap you with heated blankets. While you rest we massage your face and head. After you have a shower, you return to the treatment room for a gentle cream massage.

90 mins $120

Back Treatment

When your back needs a little extra attention our Back Treatment is the answer. Just as a facial improves the condition of your face, the back treatment is designed to the eliminate pimples and impurities you cannot reach. We exfoliate, do extractions as necessary, and rehydrate your skin. This is a gentle and relaxing treatment and perfect before warm weather or vacations when you need to be beach or pool ready.

45 mins $65

Detoxifying Slimming Treatment

This treatment rejuvenates your skin, removes toxins that have been trapped in the fat cells, and reduces water retention. This is ideal for somebody who is trying to lose weight.

120 mins $165

Slimming Treatment

45 mins $70