Teens Treatment in North Vancouver

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Facial for Teen

All skin types can benefit with this treatment, but for teens in particular it will help clean out blackheads and clogged pores caused by oil production. We will start with the skin analysis to determine your skin type, then apply a gentle exfoliant to loosen the skins dry surface cells, followed with a light steam treatment which will soften the pores. The treatment finishes with a relaxing facial massage using one of our facial skin creams suited to the needs of the client.

This treatment apply under 19 years old.

45 mins $45

Acne Treatment For Teens

It is common for teenagers have problems with acne. The accumulation of excess oil in your skin can lead to blemishes, acne and other symptoms. This can be due to hormones, an overabundance of sebum or bacteria from sweat or exposure to the sun. At Rejuvenating Body Spa our estheticians will properly prepare and soften the skin before preforming manual extractions. This ensures a safe and effective way to protect the skin for the treatment. We will also provide you with advice on the best way to take care your skin at home with effective routines and inform you which products you should use based on your skin type.

This treatment apply under 19 years old.

50 mins $65

Massages For Teens

Being a teenager today can at times be overwhelming due to busy schedules and commitments. Massage will help your teen through the stresses associated with their lives, such as depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, and sports.

It can improve body image, decrease tension, increase immunity and heighten concentration levels

This treatment apply under 18 years old.

30 mins $45
50 mins $65

Manicure + Pedicure For Teens

Teen manicures and pedicures include cleaning, filing, with buff and finishing with your choice of polish. Our nail techniques will have everyone talking about your fantastic nails.

This treatment apply under 19 years old.